September 03, 2018

 There is argument to be made for many rooms in the home being the best; the kitchen, the living area, the bedroom etc. they all have a valid claim of being the best room in the home but we find that the bathroom is as good as any other especially when you utilise it properly. The bathroom is a place to escape whether that is with a wonderful shower or reading a great book in a long relaxing bath. However, here at The Light Yard we feel that the bathroom can often neglected as far as lighting is concerned. We understand that lighting can be a huge differentiator between an okay (or even dull room) and a room with a legitimate claim of being the greatest room in the home. which is why we have constructed this guide on how to optimally use bathroom lighting to produce fantastic aesthetics and tone in one of the most marvellous parts of the home.

Decorative Lighting

The blog of light, decorative IP44 bathroom lighting, lighting for baths and showers

Creating a visually stunning bathroom is something most people strive for and decorative lighting is one of the keys to achieving the visually enticing room you are looking for. For square bathrooms one of the best options is to use a single pendant light whilst for larger rectangular bathrooms a series of two or three fixtures can often have the best aesthetic. Though great for decorative purposes using the correct number of lights for your room has its practical advantages in creating sufficient light too. In addition to this, using translucent shades on your pendants is a fantastic way to create ambient light.








Task Lighting

The blog of light, decorative IP44 bathroom lighting, lighting for baths and showers

Task lighting is an important aspect of any room and this is no different for the bathroom. The most common use of task lightning in bathrooms is to create shadowless illumination around mirrors. To achieve the perfect lighting around mirrors, mount wall lights either side of the mirror at eye level.

Placing lighting directly above the mirror is something you should avoid however. This will project a light onto your forehead which will produce shadows below your nose, eyes, and chin. Not only do these shadows not only make shaving and applying makeup more difficult but they can make you look older in the mirror. So, as well as making applying makeup and shaving easier effective task lighting will help you see yourself in your best light (literally).






Bath Tub and Shower

The blog of light, decorative IP44 bathroom lighting, lighting for baths and showers

When it comes to illuminating the area over the bathtub many people will use a single light but using two (one at each end of the bathtub) illuminates the area more evenly. Combining this with diffused lighting provides optimal results. For the shower you want the lighting to be directly above you which can present safety issues, so you need to be thorough in ensuring your lights are suitable. On e such thing to look out for is that your lights are “wet location listed”. Recessed and mounted ceiling lights are also the best candidates for safely and stylishly lighting the shower area. Always make sure to carry out the necessary due diligence before fitting any lights directly above your shower.







Moisture Concerns

The blog of light, decorative IP44 bathroom lighting, lighting for baths and showers

When it comes to the bathroom avoiding fabric shades on fixtures is always a good idea. Furthermore, it is usually a better idea to opt for lights with a brushed nickel, chrome or stainless Steel finish over bronze and brass as the latter options are more delicate and corrode more easily. There is no point in buying wonderful lighting if it is not going to last and therefore you should deploy practicality alongside the love of design but with so many amazing lights available there is no reason to sacrifice the quality of your lights just to gain the optimal finish.

The bathroom is a wonderful place of escapism and the one room in the home where we are truly encouraged to lock ourselves away and relax and therefore it make sense to make this room look amazing and enjoyable with fantastic lighting that livens the room, improves the quality of your vanity mirror routines and allows you to relax in with a glorious shower or bath.

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