Five Simple Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

October 01, 2015

Few would argue that when it comes to home decorating, it is uniqueness and that all-important personal touch that help transform a house into a home. As such, writing a rule book with regard to what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ on the subject of home decorating is tricky to say the least – different strokes for different folks, and all that.

However, when it comes to the slightly more specific subject of interior lighting, there are indeed several important rules to follow and points to heed. The reason being that to miss the mark in terms of lighting can potentially dilute and dissolve the effect and impact of the property’s interior styling in general.

So for those looking to take control of their own interior lighting needs with a little DIY, here’s a quick overview of just a few of the most commonly made mistakes of all which should be avoided at all costs:

1 – Overuse of Recessed Lighting

At the top of the table comes the installation of far too much recessed lighting which may have been approached and implemented with little to no strategic planning. Recessed lighting can play a fantastic role around the home while looking great at the same time, but only when complemented with other types of lighting. You could for example invest heavily in high quality recessed lighting for living room, but you may still end up feeling as if you are sitting in the dark with the walls of the room receiving no light whatsoever.

2 – Not Considering Task Lights

Of course the beauty of task lights these days is the way in which they can be installed at any time without the need to extensively remodel your kitchen.  Nevertheless, it is always preferable for the sake of convenience, performance and aesthetics in general to install task lights at the same time as any other work you might be doing. The kitchen is the perfect example of a room where focused and built-for-purpose lighting can make the room more practical, functional and attractive in general.

3 – Poor Vanity Lighting

As for the vanity in the bathroom, try to avoid falling into the trap of having just a single ultra-bright spotlight above the mirror. The reason being that if you blast your face and body with a hugely bright source of light pointing in just one direction, you’ll end up with far too many unfortunate shadows being cast to gain a genuinely accurate picture of what it is you looking at…as in you.

4 – Overlooking Lighting Controls

Without any shadow of doubt, one of the simplest and most effective ways of revamping the lighting around the home is to install more effective and independent lighting controls. For example, if you have five different sources of light around the living room and the whole system is controlled with one simple on/off switch, consider installing a few separate dimmer switches for each different lighting type. This will allow you to play around with various settings and create all manner of moods that could transform the look and feel of the room exponentially.

5 – Form Over Function…Or Vice Versa

Last but not least, the key to successful lighting choices in terms of interior design at home is to strike that ideal balance of both form and function. Try to remember that modern lighting doesn’t exist simply to light your home, but at the same time the choices you make when purchasing lighting products should take into account more than physical aesthetics alone. Make sure the practical lighting needs of the home are covered, but at the same time look to additional decorative lighting to ‘garnish’ and a little something extra to the affair.

Five Simple Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs – The Light Yard