Lighting really isn't that important to a design

March 25, 2014 1 Comment

The lighting that is chosen for a renovation or new build isn't fundamental to the finished design...or is it?

I certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons when I posted this on an Interiors Designers forum recently. The responses flooded in from some top Interior Designers and they were clear and unambiguous…

“People with untrained eyes don't typically realise that when they like or dislike the feel of a space, it's largely due to the lighting” - Shay Steinberg-Industrial Designer

“Lighting is what truly brings a space to life, get it wrong and the whole project suffers.” - Jemma Hughes Mead - Interior Design & Consultancy

“A bad project lit well is better than a wonderful project lit badly.” - Ivo Enrico Poluzzi- Architect

To be honest I expected as much, I know lighting can make or break a design but I wanted to see exactly how important it is and it’s clear that good lighting is a fundamental part of all designs.

In fact lighting is crucial to the outcome of every single project and design. Well planned and thought out lighting can bring a space to life, enhance a design through creativity and is essential to a successful interior!

And that is why I’ve started this blog. It’s to provide you with a resource of lighting tips, ideas and above all inspiration. I will also be starting our "Be Inspired Newsletter" which will be regularly irregular, about every fortnight so if you want to make sure you get your copy then subscribe here.

I’d love you to get involved so if there is anything you’d like to see covered just let me know.

By Jeff Fuller

1 Response

James Poore
James Poore

March 27, 2014

Here Here! Thankfully, at last, people are starting to see the light! No pun intended!

Why do people think there is a whole industry based around lighting design? (or maybe that’s the problem they don’t realise!)

Most of us lighting designers haven’t chosen this career path because it “seemed like a nice idea”, no, most of us are form an architectural or built environment background and passionately appreciate these fundamental issues and the importance of light.

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